Its amazing how sometimes a drop,
a detail, a subtle accent of flavour
suddenly makes you feel different.
Its inexplicable, scarcely perceptible presence of splendour,
which upon being felt once, shall never be confused with anything.

Classic is the confidence, faultless choice tested by the centuries, the best left for us by the flow of Time.
The notion of classic penetrates into all the spheres of our life: clothing, music, automobiles, the classic is everywhere.

In creation of classical flavour of such marvellous liquor as brandy, its nor the weather, neither grape, not even the barrels it (brandy) is stored in, what plays the key role. The technology of brandy manufacturing is the underlying feature of classic flavour.

Renuage is the brandy boasting the steady observance of classic technology of brandy spirits distillation, namely double distillation or alembic method.

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